10 Most Memorable Travel Moments from 2 Years of Living on the Road

Yes, it’s right! We have been living on the road, traveling, vagabonding, living the nomadic life, for 2 years now! We set sail on April the 15th, 2009. We ditched our apartment and careers for our journey around the world. Are we crazy? Maybe. But the past 2 years have been the happiest period in our life! We have been chased by angry flocks of seagulls in France, joined a Ramadan bazaar in Turkey, campervanned the length of gorgeous New Zealand, fell on donkey poop in Santorini, watched the Geminids meteor shower in Fiji, got swept to sea in Honduras, and just 3 days ago, I swung 250 feet like Tarzan above a cloud forest canopy in Costa Rica! So, on this 2nd anniversary, we would love to share 10 photos representing 10 of the most memorable traveling moments we’ve had (so far)!

10. France: Chased by big flocks of angry seagulls in Frioul Island, off Marseille (story)

Seagulls in their natural habitat in Frioul Archipelago, off Marseille, France

9. Greece: Relaxing in Crete Island. Enjoying the gorgeous sunset and the delicious local cuisine every evening

Daily sunset in Kato Stalos, Crete Island, Greece

8. Turkey: Enjoying Ramadan Bazaar in the Hippodrome of Constantinople beside the Blue Mosque in Istanbul (read more)

Drinking 1 Lira Chai in the front of Blue Mosque during Ramadan night, Istanbul, Turkey

7. Fiji: Eaten alive by a swarm of sea lice (tiny jellyfish?) while snorkeling in a lagoon (story)

Perfect mirror by Fijian lagoon, Viti Levu, Fiji

6. Australia: Bouncing around on the pink salt lake in Murray-Sunset National Park in Victoria

Walking on pink salt lake in Murray-Sunset National Park, Victoria, Australia

5. Sint Maarten: Almost  rolled over by landing airplanes and sandblasted by departing ones (story)

Landing airplanes in Maho Bay Beach, Sint Maarten, Caribbean

4. New Zealand: Black Water Rafting on an underground river inside the Waitomo glowworm cave (story)

Black water rafting in underground river of the Waitomo glowworm cave, New Zealand

3. Nicaragua: Sleeping under the stars on the active Masaya Volcano and hiking to the crater to watch the sunrise

(with Jaime Breakaway Backpacker, Matt Expert Vagabond, and Lucero Super Xicana)

Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua

2. Honduras: Swept out to sea on a paddleboard in Roatan, Honduras (story)

Paddleboarding in Roatan Island, Honduras

1. Costa Rica: Swinging like Tarzan above the cloud forest canopy of Monteverde (story)

45m fall, 90m swing according to the brochure

I still can’t believe that I dared to do this!!


Tarzan swing in Monteverde, Costa Rica

So… Do tell us some of your best traveling moments!

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41 Responses to “10 Most Memorable Travel Moments from 2 Years of Living on the Road”

  1. Cole (Four Jandals)
    6 October 2011 at 5:14 am #

    2 years! Awesome. We are approaching our 2 year mark as well although never feels like we have done much until we look back like you have. Will have to remember to do an epic 2 year anniversary post as well. Love that Waitomo Caves also makes the 4th spot!
    Cole (Four Jandals)´s last post…Hump Day Wednesday – 05/10/2011

  2. Colleen
    24 January 2012 at 9:56 pm #

    10 random highlights from 12 months/20 countries:

    1. The timeless way the raj Mumbai mansions looked in the moonlight from the window of my crumbling Mansion’s hotel room.

    2. Standing at open train door for hours absorbing the spectacular green kaleidescope of AP’s rice fields, India.

    3. Tioman island, Malasia. Tropical paradise. Monkeys playing in the trees, Monitor lizards, dream beaches, lush greenery and spectacular sunsets over the sea.

    4. Mekong river, Laos. Soaring limestone karsts, timeless and serene.

    5. Angkor Wat. Mind blowing in enormity an detail. The perspective gained from a tethered balloon ride up, up, up.

    6. Philippines: Bacuit archepelago. Banaue rice terraces. Bohol Chocoate Hills on the back of a local’s motorbike.

    7. Interior rice terraces by bicycle, top to bottom, Bali.

    8. Venice by audio tour with rented earphones. Days of walking and discovery. Transported through centuries.

    9. Rome. History heaven.

    10. Naples pizza. Everything it’s said to be. The perfume of fresh basil, the crust, the molten lava fresh mozzarella.

  3. mike
    19 February 2012 at 7:40 pm #

    What great adventures! Thanks for sharing!
    mike´s last post…7 Questions with Beers and Beans

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