Fiji Highlights and Lowlights: Beautiful Lagoons and Bumpy Skin

Our stay in Fiji was short and sweet. It was actually an extended transit stop flying from Sydney, Australia, to Los Angeles, USA. Transiting in Fiji for 2 hours? Why not make it a few days for the same price?

So, here are our Fiji highlights:

1. Viewing an atoll from the sky on our approach to Fiji.

Fiji - Atoll view from airplane

2. Enjoying the perfect reflection of nature on the calm lagoon water.

Perfect reflection by a Fijian lagoon

3. Relaxing under coconut trees, overlooking the blue lagoon.

Relaxing under coconut tree overlooking a Fijian lagoon

4. Taking a stroll along the lagoon beach and inspecting the long sea worm, or… I’m not sure the name of this 1 meter long creature.

Sea worm in shallow lagoon water (Fiji)

5. Watching Fijian men fishing by hand in the morning.

Fijian man in a Fijian lagoon, catching fish

6. Eating the savory local meal “fish in lolo” and the sweet dessert “banana in lolo”. Lolo means coconut milk, and these warm dishes are so in tune with the relaxing mood of the island. I ate them every day.

7. Joining a yaqona/kava ceremony to enjoy this mildly sedating root drink. Sensation we got? Mouth and tongue felt a little bit tingling and numbing. Did we feel relaxed? Ryan did, not sure about me though. Maybe I needed to drink more than 1 cup. The taste? Grab a handful of soil in the backyard, mix it in a bowl of water, drink it. It tasted like that!

Yaqona/kava ceremony (Fiji)

Drinking yaqona/kava at a kava ceremony (Fiji)

8. Shouting “Bula”, Fijian for “hello”, to anybody around us. Sure we received hundreds of bula shout-outs from random people during our short stay there, even from the people on the back of a pick-up truck passing by.

9. Checking out Sigatoka, a Fijian town. The town has a charming Hindu temple on the hill, but the broken train track bridge remains to be the scene I remembered the most. A couple of hears ago, a massive flood wiped out one part of this bridge.

Falling train track bridge in Sigatoka, Fiji

10. Waking up at 2:00 AM to enjoy the Geminids meteor shower

that coincided with out stay in Fiji. We saw 26 meteors during 25 minutes of watching! And being out on the island was great for stargazing, with very little light pollution.

11. Showering using a “bucket” shower. So, you fill in the bucket with water yourself, hang that bucket on the ceiling, then open the shower knob on the bottom!

Bucket shower in Fiji

12. Watching our first fire dance performance. Seeing two beginner guys practicing fire spinning was already fun enough, but watching the full show with many performers like this was amazing.

Fire dance lady (Fiji)

Fire dance men (Fiji)

13. Trying to enjoy the sunset on a cloudy and drizzly day. Not a great sunset, but still romantic enough for us.

Sunset in a cloudy day in Fiji

14. Our worst snorkeling experience ever: Snorkeling in a bowl of “sea lice” soup. The snorkeling on the coral reefs was okay in the beginning, until we passed this concentration “sea lice” (as the guide called it). Thousands of burning hot stinging needles attacked all over our body. The boat had to rescue use from the water. The stinging and itching bumps didn’t go until several weeks, but hey, that was not the first time I suffered from an everlasting itch!

So, should we call this a “lowlight” or a highlight? Of all those supposedly great snorkeling sites in Fiji, this happened to be the one that we jumped in!

Fiji - Snorkeling in sea lice soup

So, those are the 14 highlights of our Fiji experience. Which do you think you want to try in your Fiji visit? If you’ve been there, what’s your highlight?

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36 Responses to “Fiji Highlights and Lowlights: Beautiful Lagoons and Bumpy Skin”

  1. Barbz
    6 December 2012 at 11:50 pm #

    I’m in Fiji at the moment and staying at the Hideaway Resort in the Coral Coast. I was snorkelling earlier and saw a few of those sea worms and was just googling to see what they were when I came across your post. I freaked out a little bit at first coz I thought they were snakes! Apparently the sea worms don’t hurt you! I don’t think the sea snakes do either but that doesn’t make me feel any better about them and thank goodness I haven’t seen any so far. I didn’t encounter any sea lice but came across heaps of fish I hadn’t seen before. It was awesome! I love Fiji so much that my husband and I have decided to buy property here. Will get back to you if I ever encounter any sea lice. I am sorry you had that experience!

  2. Rhonda Lesmis
    27 January 2014 at 5:16 am #

    I go to a Fiji every other year, normally stay at a The Warwick, there is a lot of those sea worms there but they cannot surface. The cannot swim, they only sit on the bottom of the ocean, they soldo have no teeth so they cannot bite you. As for the banded seasnakes they are highly. Venomous and if bitten you only have about 5 minsto luve. But they have very tiny mouths and can only bite humans on there war lives or between there fingers. So it is very unlikely you will be bitten by a banded sea snake.

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