Scandinavia: Cruising underneath the Great Belt Bridge

Vision of the Seas - Royal Caribbean

Cruising with Vision of the Seas (Picture courtesy of Wikipedia, public domain)

On a clear beautiful day in the Summer 2009, we were floating on our cruise ship on the sea in the way from Gotland, Sweden, to Oslo, Norway. On the way, we passed through the Great Belt Strait, a strait between two main Danish islands, Zealand and Funen. We were quite delightful when they announced that we were going to pass underneath the Great Belt Bridge, the 1.62 km long suspension bridge that is connecting the two islands. This mighty bridge is currently the third longest suspension bridge in the world, after the 1.99 km long Akashi-Kaikyou Bridge in Japan and the 1.65 km long Xihoumen Bridge in China.

Great Belt Bridge Denmark

Great Belt suspension bridge, connecting two Danish islands

The deck became more and more crowded as we got closer to the bridge. Everybody was with their camera. Then we were about to go underneath it.

Crowd watching Great Belt Bridge

Crowd watching the Great Belt Bridge coming

The front part of the ship was the tallest, and we were about to try out whether it could fit underneath the bridge or not.

Passing under Great Belt Bridge 1

The tallest part of the ship approaches the bridge

Just from the look of it, I was a little be afraid that the cruise ship wouldn’t make it. I mean, even though the bridge level is quite high from the water level, still this cruise ship is quite tall too. However I believed that the captain of the ship must had calculated this carefully.

Passing under Great Belt Bridge 2

Will it fit?

Almost there…

Passing under Great Belt Bridge 3

It fits!

Phew! We made it! In fact, the bridge height from water is 65 m, and our cruise ship has 11 decks. The ship is quite long, but it only took a few seconds for me and husband to be right underneath the bridge. The moment was exciting for me, and it made a great photograph.

Right underneath Great Belt Bridge

We were right underneath the Great Belt Bridge

What an exciting morning!

When: 09 August 2009
Where: Great Belt Strait, Denmark
Ship: Vision of the Seas, Royal Caribbean

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  1. Jim O'Donnell
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    Amazing bridge.

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